About Anna’s Flowers

Anna’s Flowers is home to an unbeatable selection of plants and flowers, gorgeous home and garden décor as well as freshly-picked, local produce. Also available are a number of carefully selected natural food and wellness products, essential to any healthy lifestyle.

Family is at the center of our business and our customers are an extension of our family. We strive to provide an experience like no other and to inspire you to live a beautiful and healthy life, both in and outside of your home.

What began as a small roadside stand selling only produce and hanging baskets has now grown into a large showroom spanning five greenhouses and filled with a large variety of hand-selected products.

We trace our roots back to 1960 when Alberico “Nonno” Mastronardi came to Canada, along with his son Enrico “Henry”. The two settled in Essex County and began working in the fishing and agricultural industry.

In 1967, beginning with a few small greenhouses, the family specialized in growing tomatoes and cucumbers. In 1973, Enrico met the beautiful young Anna and the two were married. The following year – with both family and business growing – oldest son Albert was born and their small roadside stand began selling flowers and a wide variety of produce too. Four years later they welcomed their second son, Rudy into the world and then came their only daughter and youngest, Marlene.

In 1998, business was blooming and Anna’s Flowers officially opened its doors at 1911 Seacliff Drive in Kingsville, where it still remains today. From a modest beginning to a full plant and flower showroom that spans over 30,000 square feet; Anna fondly remembers their daughter Marlene at the fruit stand, at only four years old helping her parents sell produce and flowers along with her big brothers, Albert and Rudy.

In 2006, Alberico “Nonno” Mastronardi passed away, leaving behind an abundance of good memories that customers still lovingly share today. The Mastronardi’s business is centered around family, determination and hard work. Alberico “Nonno” lead by example and these attributes will be passed on for years and generations to come.

44 years and 4 generations later, Anna’s Flowers is responsible for growing and retailing over 4 acres and more than 1,000 varieties of flowers and plants, as well as a

tasty selection of local produce. Anna’s also carries seasonal home and garden décor, hand crafted and customized planters, and always the latest trends in gardening. Recently, they have added a lovely variety of carefully selected health and wellness products to their shelves as well, which are sourced locally whenever possible.

At Anna’s Flowers, our goal is to continue “Growing the Gardener in You!” We strive to provide an experience like no other and to provide trusted knowledge and advice when it comes to fulfilling any and all of your gardening needs! Come by and see for yourself!

519-326-3409 | 1911 Seacliff Drive,
Kingsville, Ontario, N9Y 2N3
Open now for Summer 2017!
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM daily