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A landscape classic, Spirea are eye-catching perennials that are known to be fast growers, hardy and hassle-free! Incorporate Spirea into your garden if you’re looking to fill in an area of your landscape or incorporate it into a mixed border- as they offer a spectacular show! These deciduous shrubs are a kaleidoscope of colour in the Spring, and come highly recommended for gardeners who frequently have rabbit or deer visitors, as they won’t bother with this plant!

Known for their many small flowers that are clustered together in an umbrella-like corymb, Spirea come from the Rosaceae family, and are native to eastern Asia. Their long-lasting blooms and vibrant foliage will provide seasonal interest even when they’re not in bloom.

Care & Maintenance:

Water:  Newly-planted Spirea should be well-watered until they become established. Mature Spirea is drought tolerant and will only require watering when the soil becomes dry.

Fertilizing: Controlled-release fertilizer in early Spring.

Pruning: Shaping and deadheading in early Spring or late Winter. Lighter pruning after bloom time in Spring or Early Summer will help promote new growth and blooms.


1. Choose a soil location that will drain well and received at least 6 hours of sun each day.

2. Dig a hole twice as wide as the container and as deep.

3. Carefully remove the plant from the pot, gently loosen any tightly wound roots and place in the hole, and backfill with excavated soil.

4. Water well and apply 2-3” of mulch, keeping it away from the stems.

Available Varieties here at Anna’s:

  • Big Bang: Big flowers, bigger colour. Foliage that glows orange in the Spring then turns lime green. Huge pink flowers reappear if trimmed after the Spring Bloom.
    • Light Exposure: sun or partial shade
    • Size: 2-3’ tall and wide
    • Spacing: 2-4’
    • Bloom Time: Late Spring
    • Attracts Hummingbirds
  • Double Play Artisan: The red-purple new growth matures to a cool blue-green, showcasing the pink flowers. This compact deer-resistant plant reblooms if deadheaded.
    • Light Exposure: sun or partial shade
    • Size: 2-2.5’ tall and wide
    • Spacing: 2.5-3’
    • Bloom Time: Late Spring
    • Attracts: Hummingbirds
  • Double Play Doozie: A reliable landscape favourite, this non-stop bloomer is non-invasive and doesn’t produce seeds – Bright red Spring foliage.
    • Light Exposure: sun or partial shade
    • Size: 2-3’ tall and wide
    • Spacing: 2-4’
    • Bloom Time: Late Spring

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Let's welcome Spring, together, with some creative DIY!

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Thank you to everyone who joined us for a workshop this year!

We find so much joy in passing on our knowledge and witnessing so much natural creativity. Please check back in the Spring for our next workshop series, and in the meantime happy crafting!